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What to Look for in a Creative Lighting Company in Danang City

When looking to hire a creative lighting company in this coastal neighborhood of Da Nang, there are specific things you should look for if you want high end production and top-notch quality. Anyone can theoretically put on an event with creative lighting, just like anyone can organize a party, but those that are executed professionally and safely requires some real experience and talent from the event company who is handling all the details.


The first thing you should look at before bringing on any creative lighting company is their past experience organizing events. Have their past events been done for major companies or private individuals? This will give you a sense of the scale of events they have handled in the past. What type of creative lighting experience do they have? You will probably want this in some regard and need to know the company can rent the equipment and hire competent production crew to operate everything. Finally, do they have insurance? The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong at the event and you to be sued or left with a very expensive damages bill. Check all this out before you hire them!

Unique Special Event Ideas: Corporate Gala Dinners

Corporate gala dinners are meant to be celebratory, lavish affairs, where money is not an issue and employees, executives, clients, friends and spouses alike all have a memorable meal together. While it depends on the size of the company and the budget, these corporate gala dinners have a number of different serving options which should be offered by the planning company brought on to produce the event. This is just one of many unique special event ideas that Imagine Events Asia can help you put on.


One option is the sit-down dinner, with assigned seating at various tables. Meals are ordered from waiters and brought out in courses. This is very formal and limits mingling during dinner service. Another option is to have a set menu with guests assigned to tables, to streamline the food service and allow people to have to concentrate less on the meal and allow them more time with each other. However, buffets may be the most preferable for some of these gala dinner events, as it allows people to eat when they are hungry and mingle constantly.


For the very best in unique special event ideas, contact Imagine Events Asia.

Your Creative Branding Agency!

Branding is a very important aspect of any business, especially in the modern age. Making sure your company is properly represented is one of the most crucial design and planning decisions you can make, so it makes a lot of sense to trust this kind of process to a professional, and that is exactly where Imagine Events Asia comes in. We also provide creative branding solutions, so that you can help ensure that your business is represented exactly the way you need it to be. A creative branding agency can provide you with more than just good ideas, we can provide you with a plan that will attack your creative branding issue head-on, and deliver consistent results. That is after all what we are about, delivering consistent results to any and all of our clients, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us today!

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