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Every love story is beautiful but yours should be unique

With iEA, John Cove has been a solid support on every wedding party. Exceeding the guests expectation everytime with personalised approach.


Request your wedding DJ to play your first dance live on guitar!


A stylish set of JBL EON speakers will provide you with good looks and quality sound. Ambience lighting will be customized to set the mood for every part of your ceremony, dinner and party.


With our audio visual team in place you'll hardly notice us, except for perfect sound and light of course.  We'll make sure to dress and behave appropriately, and take the extra care of setting up the equipment.



You still looking for a photographer, master of ceremony, wedding planner, decorations...?  Give us a call, and we'll recommend you the best option for you.



Appreciating words from

 Nadia & Tarek

Hi Jorn,


Hope you're well. 

Tarek and I have the absolute pleasure of providing a review on your services as our DJ. 


Our friends and family were impressed with your personalized approach to our wedding and the extra effort you went to with ourselves leading up to the wedding, being flexible to meet with us and discuss timelines for music and types of music, your ability to really take control of the night in terms of music and speeches was fantastic, and so importantly you mixed our Arabic music with the English music impressively!! 


Tarek and I did not have to worry at all throughout our night, which is exactly what we were after. 


Jorn, seeing you at the wedding venue early on the day of the wedding to ensure everything was set us as it needed to be, that the equipment was in the right place, and when to my surprise took on a few extra tasks that as the bride I was there doing was completely above and beyond what we had asked for and expected. 


You were there before all our guests and stayed till the end after everyone left. What a great night Tarek and I had and the memories will last forever about our night and we thank you for being a huge part of the night and getting out on the dance floor to celebrate our night with us! We look forward to keeping in touch and someday soon seeing you again in Hoi An, and remember you are always welcome to stay with our family in Jordan and Australia! 


Take care & thank you once again. 


Tarek & Nadia Hawashin

Wedding DJ, The Nam Hai

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