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Professional event production, we mean the process of an event manager bringing together every minute or major element required to deliver a spectacular, memorable event on time and to budget from start to finish.


Stage Design

The depth of planning and attention to detail and Safety are our first priorities

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Conference Branding

A strong brand is integral to your success. We can give you a hand in tackling this.

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Wedding Decor

With combination your will and our ideas, we can come up with a specular and unique concept for your date.

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Unique performces

With our connects of a wide number of Corporate Event Entertainers, you can have various options for your event, such as magicians and live musical acts, ethnic dancing group, ...


Live band

Live Band certainly bring up the chill atmosphere for your event. We know various bands with different genres and styles.  



Our owner -DJ Jorn Cove will bring an inspirational vibe and excitement  to every dancer on the floor 

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