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Video sculptures are a great way of impressing your guests by personalizing and branding your events.


Branding your event was never easier!  Customized visuals and integration of company logos & brands bundled in an innovative 3D projection video sculpture.


Put a sculpture at the entrance of your event, on stage, the beach,...  Sculptures are flexible for positioning and location.  


Put it on the stage during award ceremonies, and have the names of your winners 'revealed' by integrated video mapping content.

Video mapping content is put together by a team of 3D specialists and international graphic artists & designers. Creations are customized for every single project, making your event or venue become a truly unique experience.


iEA is the first company to bring 3D projection to Danang, Vietnam.  Proud to bring this exclusive team of international expert artists to Vietnam.  


Installations can be permanent or one-time events.  For permanent installations / sculptures, we provide the option of changing the video mapping content whenever you please.  This way you can add different flavors to your installation and keep attracting and surprising your guests on every visit.


Projects budgets depend mainly on the desired content and the size of projected area.  For small projects we can depend on standard projectors, for ambitious projectors we need high lumen projectors available on demand.


Keep us informed about your projects well in advance, as these things take time to prepare.


Ready to make your most extravagant dreams come true!

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