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We take care, so you don't have to.

With the excellent group of technicians and equipment warehouses in Danang city, we service every single details you need. We also corporate with local suppliers which can cover excessive things. 

We always provide excellent and guaranteed service which is professional, exclusive and thoughtful, to make sure you make the most of enjoying your activities.

We provide event LED screens for all occasions and high-end projectors for presentations or video mapping.

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DJ Booth

Our professional DJ, DJ Booth Rental, offer you everything you need for a successful and wonderful events.



Stage Director

Our stage director will do pre- event communications and preparations, attending rehearsals, consultation for concept and design, and preparing and guiding the audio visual aspects before and during the performance


Video Mapping

We help to create decorative video mapping making your event more impressive and eye-catching.


It's great ideas, combined with technical know how, that makes the difference to any successful conference or event. You can count on Imagine Event Asia, to set the stage for a safe, spectacular, large-scale corporate event 

We spend so much time making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. We're able to promise because we take so much time and care planning, troubleshooting, testing and strategizing before your big day 

From operational planning to delivery management, our event logistics team assist you and work to prevent and resolve any issues. Our quality in house equipment allow us to control costs  and insure high end performancer

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