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Jorn Libeert

Owner & Stage Director

With a high school degree in accounting and university graduate as interior designer he worked with various architect bureaus in Belgium. Meanwhile every Friday and Saturday night, he hosted a show at a local radio station, bringing the latest dance music, inviting local DJ talents and interviewing international DJ’s playing at some of the most legendary clubs of Belgium.


Growing up in Belgium with a piano in the living room, Jorn has a natural passion for music, sound & creation. Recording studios, radio shows, electronic music production, DJ’s, synthesizers, midi controllers, guitars, drums, steel drum, live bands, singing,… it's all been part of his journey.


In a country that breathes change, Jorn finds the sky could be the only limit.  Leaving behind the once legendary clubs in Belgium, he now focuses to the luxury resorts where he finds a brand new environment ready for change and development.

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