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We take care your event,   

so you can take care your guest 

After the formalities are done it's time sit back and relax the show. 

Be ready for a night of traditional and modern entertainment.


Ready to setup on the beach, change a restaurant into a night club, or create your favorite theme party. iEA guarantees to end your conference in style and fun.  Setting up light, sound & decoration discretely, and manage the performances and visuals into one smooth operation.

Creative event organizer to communicate key business messages and improve effectiveness to create inspirational events. We will take the heat out of the event planning process.
Outstanding creative events to give teams unforgettable experiences
Team building activities: creative, fun and perfect for improving staff performance and allowing teams to gel
Corporate parties, family day, evening entertainment and celebrations to reward staff and celebrate success
VIP hospitality: great to treat key clients and build relationships








Bringing an ambience of an central coast culture by combining entertainment and vision solutions. Performances showing the beauty and charms of Vietnam, fishing culture, traditions, melodies and personalities. A colorful theme brought to life with customized lighting to accentuate every element.  

The night goes from an energetic drum performance, to a gentle and warm welcoming by flute solo, followed by live music from traditional Vietnamese music, with lively dance performances in between courses and award recognitions. Taking advantage of the beauty of the venue, we simulate Vietnamese fishing culture with decorative elements on and off stage.  

Everything combined with custom video graphics projected on the building facades during and in between performances.

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